Don't Let Trucking Companies Intimidate You

Offering legal advice after truck accidents in Buffalo, NY

Truck accidents are difficult to deal with for a range of reasons. Driving records can be altered. A truck driver whose job is on the line may be more tempted to lie. And, of course, accidents involving tractor trailers are often far more dangerous-and deadly-than car-on-car accidents.

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What to do after a tractor trailer accident

What to do after a tractor trailer accident

The first think you need to do after a collision is seek professional medical treatment. Don't assume your injuries are minor, as this can...

  • Lead to serious, untreated injuries that cause lasting damage
  • Cause the officer to note that you were not injured, even if you were
  • Make it difficult to prove your injuries happened during the accident

Injuries from truck accidents can take hours-or days-to show up. If you've been in a tractor trailer accident in the Buffalo, NY area, make sure getting proper medical treatment is your top priority.