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Consult an Motor Vehicle Attorney

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Car accidents are one of the most common occurrences that lead to a personal injury claim. Due to the harsh winters in Buffalo and western New York, the risk of being involved in one is high. Here are a few things that are important to remember:

  1. Car accidents are never easy situations. It's important to remain calm.  If you are seriously injured the police will likely interview you at the hospital.  And you or a family member or friend can call us from the hospital 24/7 on the attorney hotline-472-4444. It's important for us to get involved as soon as possible to investigate the accident, interview witnesses, obtain any videotape/surveillance tapes of the accident before they are erased

  2. New York is an automobile no fault state, which means that you must notify your insurance company within 30 days of the accident and make your claim for medical expenses, lost wages and other benefits within that short period of time. We will be glad to assist you with all of the paperwork and guide you throughout the entire case.

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If you need help negotiating with auto insurance companies, contact Peter M. Jasen, P.C. Our lawyers know the laws and strategies that will help you obtain the award that you deserve.
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