Someone's Thoughtless Choice Cost You Everything

Someone's Thoughtless Choice Cost You Everything

Helping drunk driving accident victims in Buffalo, NY

Drunk drivers take thousands of lives and destroy countless families. If you've been injured or lost a loved one to a drunk driving accident in the Buffalo, NY area, help is on the way. Peter M. Jasen, P.C. will fight tirelessly to find justice for you and your family.

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Why choosing to drive drunk is choosing to injure

We know how alcohol leads to driving accidents. Yet some people still choose to gamble with others' lives and even their own. Driving drunk...

  • Slows a person's reaction time: Drunk drivers often can't react quickly enough to avoid accidents.
  • Causes blurred vision and loss of depth perception: Rear-end and side collisions happen due to alcohol-impaired vision.
  • Limits a driver's ability to concentrate: Driving requires focus to stay safe.

If you've suffered from a drunk driving accident in Buffalo, New York or the surrounding area, talk to attorney Peter M. Jasen today.