Complications in Multi-Car Accident Cases

Multi-car accidents, often called “pile-ups,” are car accidents in which several vehicles are involved at once. Often, they occur due to a chain reaction, in which one car collides with the rear of another, the car following that one collides with the second car, and so on. These accidents present special legal challenges and can be devastating to those involved. They close down entire roads or highway sections, and can result in drivers and passengers being trapped for long periods of time.

Contributing Factors to Multi-Car Accidents

Multi-car accidents often occur in bad weather, or when there is black ice or other slippery conditions. The initiating factor is usually one car that is following another car too closely, usually at too fast a speed. Lane drifting and drivers trying to race through intersections to make it before the light turns red also contribute to multi-car accidents.

Who Will Be Held Liable?

The issue of liability in a multi-car accident case is usually pretty complex. At the site of the accident, law enforcement personnel will speak with every driver who was involved in the crash. The involved insurance companies will also investigate the circumstances of the crash. Often, the divers’ liability increases as we go up the line of cars to the one that initially rear-ended the first car. However, this depends on several factors, such as whether or not someone was drinking or speeding.

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